Irabeth Tirabade

Righteous Paladin of Iomedae, order of the Holy Sentinels


Irabeth Tirabade has fought long and hard to be recognized as a force for good, and is proud to be the leader of the Sword branch of the Order of Holy Sentinels. After years of facing others’ suspicion, she finally gained widespread public acceptance after exposing another paladin’s treachery, that of the dwarf Staunton Vhane.

She is proud and well-poised; she never attempts to minimize her height or her bulk, both of which are substantial by human standards. As is characteristic for an orc, Irabeth has light green skin and tusks that protrude from her strong lower jaw. She has wiry, coarse dark hair that she keeps cut short, and prominent, expressive eyebrows. Although most humans find Irabeth’s appearance stern and intimidating, by orc standards she is very attractive as discovered by her human wife, Anivia. She is never seen in public without bearing the markings of her Goddess and her Order. She is often sought out as a fair arbiter of justice within the city, though her orcish features dissuade some once they meet her in person.


Irabeth Tirabade grew up on a small farm a few days’ ride east from Kenabres, daughter of a retired crusading couple. Her parents were loving and protective, but knew their child would face battles they could not fight for her. They explained to Irabeth that not everyone would understand her heritage and taught her how to firmly but kindly stand up for herself. Occasionally their farm was targeted by vandals and troublemakers looking to harass the family. Irabeth learned from her father—an orc possessed of a near-saintly level of calm and self-restraint—the value of an even temper and the responsibility that comes with physical power as he dealt with such incidents honorably and even-temperedly.

When Irabeth was of age, she told her parents that she had decided not to take over their farm but instead felt a calling to fight for all those who suffered injustices. Her parents, especially her father, were proud of her decision, but they worried for their daughter, as all good parents would. Irabeth felt uneasy seeking her destiny in Kenabres, a city known for its intolerance of strangers. Instead she journeyed west and south, traveling by river through Ustalav until she came to Lastwall. Irabeth had heard tales of the knights of Lastwall and thought she might find guidance and training there.

However, she had not considered the implications of its people spending their lives on the border of Belkzen. The distrust and prejudice she faced were greater than any she would have faced in Kenabres, and the first few months were almost enough to crush her spirit. Her strong moral upbringing and the lessons her parents had taught her sustained her, however, and soon Irabeth learned to deal with the insults and aggression she found in the city.

While she trained and was received by the church of Iomedae to become a paladin, her final entry into the knighthood eluded her, and it was with a heavy heart that she realized her race was the cause. Rather than force the issue, she left Lastwall and traveled east, back through Ustalav, until she reached the River Kingdoms.

For a time, she served there as a mercenary, enjoying that land’s open-mindedness and ample opportunities to bring Iomedae’s justice to bandits and scoundrels. Irabeth made something of a name for herself as someone to whom you could go for justice in the western River Kingdoms, but life on the road had finally begun to wear her down. She decided to return home to Kenabres along with a fellow travelers she had met in her journeys, a thief name [:anivia-tirablade | Anivia]] whom she had fallen in love with.

Tragedy awaited her when she returned to Kenabres. After she left home, her parents had reenlisted in the crusades only to end up being among those slaughtered by demons. It was then that Irabeth knew what she must do. Selling her family farm, she bought a home in Kenabres and enlisted with the Order of Holy Sentinels. After marrying her long-time partner [:anivia-tirablade | Anivia]], she began her quest to follow in her parents footsteps. Partaking in many daring incursions into the Worldwound in search of her parents murderers, Irabeth quickly rose through the ranks.

It was during this ascension that Irabeth uncovered the treachery of Staunton Vhane, at the time a respected mercenary leader. Though she was not able to capture him, her discovery has brought her fame to an extent that she still isn’t comfortable with. She now leads the Sword of the Order of Holy Sentinels, organizing patrols and strike missions into the Worldwound. She lives in Warehouse Square with her wife [:anivia-tirablade | Anivia]], in an estate that she bought from the Gunter family.

Irabeth Tirabade

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