Horgus Gwerm

An arrogant noble and businessman, possibly the richest in Kenabres


Horgus is an arrogant, acerbic nobleman with an inflated sense of his own importance, who is genuinely shocked and offended if others don’t recognize his status. His one redeeming quality may be his ruthless honesty. Though his speech is infrequently buffered by tact, Gwerm is known for speaking the truth. He keeps his promises and never reneges on a deal. Though a relatively homely man, he is never at a loss for companionship. Beneath his acerbity he possesses an intelligent mind and keen observational powers which many find fascinating, including the nobles Beltran Ravenken and Veserda Theowl, of which he prefers the company of either.


When Horgus Gwerm was a child, he lived with his family in a country estate in eastern Mendev. His idyllic pastoral childhood was cut short when a pack of demons somehow escaped from the Worldwound and slaughtered his entire family. Young Gwerm was the only survivor, and was found alone in the rubble of his home days after the attack by a patrol of Eagle Watch crusaders who had slain the demons and were returning to Kenabres. They brought young Gwerm with them to be raised by distant relatives that lived within the city.

Now well into middle age, Gwerm is convinced himself that money is the only way to ensure one’s safety. If his father had invested his wealth in high walls and elite guards, Gwerm believes that they would be alive today. Horgus has long nurtured a vicious hatred of demons and wants very much to see the crusades succeed. Though it is said that he makes considerable donations to various crusading groups, Gwerm actively squelches these rumors and makes a considerable show of publicly turning down mercenary groups that call on him for sponsorship.

Horgus is one of the largest investors in the Truestone Quarry and owns a percentage of all the profits the quarry generates. He has also invested heavily in the smithies that supply the Mendevian Crusades, including the weapons shop run by Caelda Halse. Businessmen in Kenabres go to Horgus only when they have a desperate need as well as a rock-solid business plan that can stand up to the closest scrutiny. Horgus doesn’t mind lending money for a good cause, but he is keenly intelligent and requires a great deal of factual evidence before he closes a deal. He is also known to be one of Hulrun Shappok advisers in matters of city finance, though it is no secret that the two often don’t see eye-to-eye. There are even shadowy rumors he may be funding more unscrupulous avenues of demon intelligence gathering.

Horgus Gwerm

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