Eterrius Sunnestier

Famed crusader and witch hunter


Eterrius Sunnestier serves as the head priest at the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell, running the majority of the services and day-to-day proceedings. He is something of a rock star amongst the crusaders, and while that is partially due to his long and prominent career, it is certainly helped by his enduring good looks. Eterrius is evasive about his exact age, but he has served the Mendevian Crusades in one capacity or another for approximately 50 years, and his appearance has hardly changed during that time – something that Eterrius attributes to his elven heritage.

Eterrius is slightly taller than average and fit, but not bulky like the warriors to whom he ministers. He has tanned skin, gray eyes, and handsome, angular features that are accentuated by wavy black hair and a close-cropped beard. He indulges in a moderate amount of ornamentation; he has piercings in his ears and often wears other small bits of jewelry, and his clothing is always well-crafted and well-tended.

Whether giving sermons to the faithful masses, engaging in private consultation with political leaders, or leading an investigation into possible demon worship, Eterrius’s persona is always calm and charismatic, with a voice that is smooth, dark, and deep as a subterranean lake – and the hint of an accent that no one can quite place. He excels at putting people at ease and making them feel like they are taken care of, but this does not mean that he is a doormat, or that he compromises easily – as Beltran Ravenken once quipped, “He makes sure to bed you before stabbing you.” Eterrius is an expert at getting what he wants while fooling the other party into believing they are getting what they want.

A passion for improving the church and rooting out evil has always driven Eterrius; it is what led him, along with Hulrun Shappok, to begin the witch hunts that eventually spiraled into a full-blown crusade. However, unlike the paranoid mania that possessed Hulrun, Eterrius applied rigorous critical methodology to his investigations, using his keen intellect like a scalpel to cut to the truth of the matter – whatever the truth may be.


Eterrius Sunnestier was, at one time, a famed crusader and witch hunter. He arrived in Kenabres in 4664 AR to assist in the war effort against the demonic horde . Eterrius was already on his way to celebrity status, having gained a fair amount of notoriety hunting down undead and witches in Ustalav. His fame was boosted by his claims of elven heritage; before he burst onto the scene, most people were convinced that elves and humans could not produce offspring together. Keenly aware of his outsized reputation, Eterrius was already beginning to act and think like a rock star as well.

He quickly befriended a rising star in Kenabres, Hulrun. Together they agreed that surely the demons must have spies within their walls, and they must be rooted out. With Eterrius serving as the charismatic face and Hulrun serving as the iron-clad fist, their investigations were given free reign throughout the city.

At first, Eterrius felt that their cases were slam dunks; the evidence was strong in each instance of the suspects’ guilt. But Hulrun began casting the net of suspicion wider and wider, making accusations based on flimsier and flimsier evidence. Eterrius trusted him, and went along for a time, but as more and more citizens of Kenabres were burned, hung, and tortured, Eterrius began to question Hulrun’s methods and his own morality. Conflict between the two men grew, until they were in full-blown shouting matches on a regular basis.

Eterrius abruptly retired from witch hunting in 4668 AR, claiming he had to find a better way to serve the crusades. Without his star power and diplomacy backing it, the Third Crusade quickly fizzled into nothing. The relationship between Eterrius and Hulrun has still not entirely recovered, although Hulrun nevertheless calls upon Eterrius for advice regularly. This is proof of the strength of their bond, as normally Hulrun demands absolute, unquestioning loyalty from those around him.

After retiring from witch hunting, Eterrius was offered a position as the head of the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell, a position which he readily accepted even though it may not be as glamorous as his previous roles in the church. Eterrius believes that most of his fellow priests are too green to lead the crusaders spiritually – that only one who has confronted the demons of the Abyss may preach about life on the edge of the Worldwound.

Eterrius Sunnestier

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