The Song of the Spheres, The Great Dreamer, Starsong


Desna was one of the first deities, but while her peers burdened themselves with the task of creating Golarion she spent her time building the heavens. She’s changed little since those earlier days, and she and her followers delight in exploring the world.

Desna is a Varisian goddess often described as a beautiful elven woman, with butterfly wings containing all the beauty of a clear night sky. She is oft depicted as having dark hair, silvery eyes, and a coy but distant smile, wearing diaphanous gowns and sometimes accompanied by swarms of butterflies.

The nomadic people of northern Avistan depict Desna not as the elegant elven woman she is generally seen as in the south, but a stately human woman riding an elk. Desna and her faithful hold creatures that symbolize freedom and the night sky as beautiful and holy. Of particular favor are butterflies and certain fey creatures of the night.

The church of Desna has few temples to it’s name, and its priests rarely settle in a single location. The faithful of the Great Dreamer can be found on the roads of Golarion, among the caravans of Varisians and other who call the roads and beauty of the wilderness home. Other centers of worship include Kyonin, the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Nidal, Numeria, the River Kingdoms, and Ustalav. In Tian Xia, Desna is known as the Resplendent Goddess of Fortune, and the Goddess of the North Star.

Desna is the goddess of travel and journeys, and there are few who traverse the roads who wouldn’t spare her a prayer or a simple-worded plea for benediction. Scouts, sailors, and those who travel for travel’s sake make up a large amount of her following, though her domain of luck also makes her a favorite deity among gamblers and thieves. The informal clergy of Desna is primarily composed of clerics, though on occasion bards are called by some song or whisper in the night to follow her path.

Worshipers of Desna celebrate their goddesses most favorite holidays. The Ritual of Stardust takes place on both the winter and summer solstices, when the fires burn low the faithful throw stardust into the embers and make wishes and pledges for the months to come. The Swallowtail Festival occurs every year on the first day of autumn, where followers of Desna release cages full of swallowtail butterflies, an act that honors a story told by the faithful.

Cayden Cailean is known to be a suitor of hers, but she keeps aloof of most godly affairs; past traumas and her desire for freedom lead her into fewer interactions with other deities and their faiths than most. She is known to have good relations with Sarenrae and Shelyn, and to oppose Baphomet and Zon-Kuthon for control of the night, which she wishes to be a time of wonder and beauty. There are thinly veiled whispers among the followers of Norgorber that their god lusts and longs for Desna.


Desna is an ancient goddess of freedom and luck, and is credited with the creation of the heavens. In her earliest days, an ancient God of travel and beasts her mentor. This God was trapped and consumed by an ancient Demon, who gave part of the domain of beasts to Baphomet. Desna was able to recover the domain of travel; she has traveled the planes and worlds since, opposing both oppression and Baphomet wherever she encounters them, and spreading her word while making an effort to experiencing new wonders when she can.

Unlike most of the other deities, Desna has no true realm in the Great Beyond, although she does occasionally travel to a small castle that floats above the rugged beauty of Elysium. Her true home is among the stars of the Material Plane.


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