Ciar Cobelen

The commander of the Everbright Crusaders


Commander Ciar Cobelen, paladin of Iomedae is a long-time veteran of the Mendevian Crusades and leader of the Everbright Crusaders. This tall and imposing Orc has endured a few campaigns into the Worldwound, and has the scares to prove it. Despite the rigid and haughty reputation of the Everbright Crusaders, Cobelen maintains a humble, and good-natured attitude.


Haling from the Hold of Belkzen, Ciar Cobelen was captured when he attempted to a raid a caravan of Iomedaen paladins from Lastwall on their way to Mendev to fight in the Fourth Mendevian Crusade. Cobelen was amazed by their mercy and their righteousness of his captors , and converted to Iomedae on the spot. He accompanied his fellow paladins to Kenabres and took the Crusader Oath upon arrival, joining up with the crusader order which he would later ascend to lead, the Everbright Crusaders.

Ciar Cobelen

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