Chun Dawei

A Tian soldier who regulates the crusader camps outside Kenabres


Captain Chun Dawei immigrated to Kenabres from Tian Xia over ten years ago, and in his relatively brief time in the city he has proven his worth. His chief responsibility is to supervise security patrols in the crusader camps and handle any major disputes between different camp factions.

Captain Dawei is a tall and imposing figure, with a hawkish face and stern expression. He wears his long, black hair in a topknot, as is tradition for men in his home country. When on duty, he wears his traditional lamellar Tian armor, complete with a sashimono banner attached to his back that bears the symbol of his rank. Although a few of his subordinates have tried to persuade him to adopt armor that has more protective value, Captain Dawei has thus far refused; he recognizes the value in being immediately distinguishable as he patrols the crowded crusader camps.

Because he emigrated from Tian Xia as an adult, Captain Dawei retains a strong accent when speaking. He recognizes that he will always be viewed as an outsider, and he has embraced this image fully – perhaps even playing it up a bit for the benefit of those he polices; he wears traditional Tian clothing, uses Tian weapons, and maintains a distinctly Tian philosophy that can seem hyper-rational and emotionless to others.


Captain Chun Dawei arrived in Mendev over a decade ago from Tian Xia and served briefly under Queen Galfrey as her tactical adviser. However, his tenure was brief – after little more than a year, he was assigned to Lord Hulrun to help deal with the unruly crusader camps outside of Kenabres. The reasons for Captain Dawei’s abrupt reassignment are unclear, and rumors abound; some say that he was insubordinate towards the Queen, or perhaps got too familiar in his relations with her. Others claim he learned a secret that he shouldn’t have.

Regardless, he has served Hulrun as Captain of the Guard since then, though many say that even the indefatigable Hulrun tires of the Tian’s overbearing tactical advice.

Chun Dawei

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