Chinweuba des Billets

The studious brother of Chiemeka des Chapeaux


A quiet young man of 18, Chinweuba (pronounced “Chin-way-OO-bah,” although his older sister affectionately calls him Baba) bears the mannerisms of someone who’s used to studying intently for long hours without interruption or distractions. Meek and retiring, he stands in stark contract with his elder sister, the large and imposing paladin, Chiemeka des Chapeaux, though both have been scarred by their unstable childhoods in Galt.

Chinweuba is short and slim, with a serious face and dark, thoughtful eyes. He keeps his tightly curled hair cropped short, and he wears the simple robes of an apprentice scholar. His speech pattern is indirect, full of circumlocutions and leaps of thought that make sense to him but not necessarily anyone around him.

Both he and his sister have recently traveled to Kenabres to partake in the Mendevian Crusades against the Worldwound. Quickly recognized for his scholarly talents, Chinweuba has been appointed “visiting assistant librarian” at the Blackwing Library.


Chinweuba was born in Galt, to which his parents immigrated from Qadira long before he was born. The youngest of three, Chinweuba was often overshadowed by his elder brother, Akachi, and sister, Chiemeka.

As one regime after another came to power and was subsequently overthrown, Chinweuba watched as his family was harassed and kept in poverty. It was during the last throes of regime change that Akachi was killed. While his sister receded into her mind, barely aware of anything around her, Chinweuba escaped into his books. Whatever texts he could get his hands on, in whatever language, Chinweuba voraciously consumed. They allowed him to imagine a world better than his – a world free from strife and violence.

One night, a Paladin of Iomedae visited his home. His parents told him to go with her, and both he and his sister left their family home to a seminary of Iomedae in Galtian countryside. There, safe within the solid stone walls, Chinweuba and his sister flourished. While Chiemeka readily took to martial training and took the surname des Chapeaux, Chinweuba became a scholar and took the surname des Billets.

One day, his sister approached him, saying that she had procured an edict of passage from the seminary to the crusader city of Kenabres. Having read and re-read all the books available in the seminary, and knowing the tales of the vast Blackwing Library in Kenabres, Chinweuba couldn’t pack his bags fast enough. Chiemeka was less than enthusiastic, pointing out that it was dangerous to be so close to the Worldwound, but Chinweuba ignored his big sister’s concerns and insisted on traveling with her.

Chinweuba des Billets

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