Chief Einar Sull

Leader of Neathholm, bears the burden of protecting his people


A bloated and unpleasant looking Descendant with a single clouded eye, Chief Sull bears the mannerisms and appearance of a corpulent mole. His wisdom, prudence and leadership have kept his people alive in the tunnels beneath Kenabres for nearly twenty years.


Only three degrees of separation separate Einar Sull from his ancestors who fought in the First Mendevian Crusade, though he would not brag about it. Chief Einar Sull bears the patrilinear rulership of Neathholm from his father and his father before that though he is certainly the most successful of the three. In his nearly twenty years of leadership, Sull has kept the First Descendents of Neathholm free of any conflicts in and around his town.

Chief Einar Sull

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