Calcipher, The Skinsaw's Knife

Assassin, Follower of Father Skinsaw, Former lover and mentor to Chakk


The Fox Folk Calcipher is a deadly assassin and follower of Father Skinsaw. He is a rare Kitsune that’s shapeshifting magic is not limited to a certain individual, Calcipher can take the form of any human individual he has laid eyes on.


Calcipher is an old friend from Chakk’s past, his mentor and ex-lover. Calcipher first crossed paths with Chakk during his years as an adventurer with Chiron and Bolder Blood’s Emperor’s Men. Calcipher was the one who introduced Chakk to the influence of Norgorber, and under the tutelage of the party Chakk learned about stealth, deception, and there found his talents in the art of alchemy. Calcipher was the first of the Kitsune Chakk had ever met, and he even showed him some of the old ways of his people – preached to him that the Fox Folk were superior to other races. He was Chakk’s first and only love, and together they explored many parts of the worlds – collecting secrets for their dark god and amassing his reputation as a hired killer.

As the years passed, The Emperor’s Men Disbanded and his relationship with Chakk soured – Calcipher attempted to poison his lover before vanishing without a trace nearly 4 years ago.

The Skinsaw’s Knife is dangerous and deadly assassin, working across all of Golarion – his work can be seen in the unrest of entire nations. Faint whispers among the followers of Father Skinsaw suggest he may in fact be working with a powerful cult of demon worshipers.

Calcipher, The Skinsaw's Knife

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