Caelda Halse

Rumored to be the best swordsmith in all Kenabres


Caelda Halse is a hard working, no-nonsense blacksmith who runs her shop and her apprentices with a strict and timely efficiency. Although of only average height, she has built up considerable muscle from long hours spent smithing, and she looks like she could best some of the warriors that she services. She is rarely seen without her smithing apron and hammer, and her face is frequently smeared with soot and sweat from working at the forge. Her dark hair is always pulled back, away from her face and out of the way.

Unlike many of the other smithies in Kenabres that supply equipment for the Mendevian Crusades, Halse spends more time at the forge than she does with customers; she lets her work do the speaking for her. This isn’t to say that she is unfriendly, as she will gladly explain what she is doing if you visit her while she is working; she is, however, generally more interested in her work than in people, and those who try to distract her from her passion raise her ire. When she is encountered away from her shop – a rare occurrence – she is soft-spoken, shy, and withdrawn.


Little is known about Halse’s past, mostly because she rarely speaks of it. When she arrived in Kenabres many years ago, she was already a competent blacksmith, although she had not yet reached the level of expertise that she now displays. She has mentioned that she was born in Brevoy, and based on offhand comments she has made, it seems she spent most of her childhood there, and possibly some time as an adult as well.

Halse is well-known as one of the best swordsmiths throughout Kenabres, and many crusaders swear by her weapons as the best for fighting the demons of the Worldwound. Though she does not speak of it herself (and she will laugh in the face of anyone who raises the topic), rumors in the marketplace near Southgate claim that Caelda Halse has the blood of angels coursing through her veins. Other rumors say she came to Kenabres because of her love for a crusader, who was later claimed by the demonspawn of the Abyss. They say that the tears she sheds for this lost crusader drip into the molten metal of each blade, imbuing it with special powers against demonic foes. Anyone who mentions this rumor in Halse’s presence is met with a steely glare and stony silence.

Caelda Halse

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