Bolder Blood

Hobgoblin Ironskin Monk and Commander, Retired Adventurer.


Bolder Blood is a gray-skinned High Goblin (in the Elvish tongue), from the Hold of Belkzen where he serves as a commander. He stands at an imposing 6’6’’, his arms are always crossed and a stern expression never leaves his face. His chest is always bare, both to show off the hardy leather his skin is now after many years of conflict and battle – and to show his enemies that he requires no armor, nor weapons to kill them. He is a retired adventurer and an occasional and renowned trainer of heroes.


Bolder Blood is a master of an ancient and secret art practiced by the Hobgoblins – that of the Ironskin Monk. His body has been honed over many many years of training and hardening, with a simple flex Bolder Blood can shatter swords on his abs. The mastery of his art was what originally lead to him leaving his home within the Hold, to trek out and test himself against the world.

On his travels he met met the skilled assassin Calcipher, who had yet to take his up his mantle as the Skinsaw’s Knife, and a hooded rat-man who spoke of hailing from The Plague Horde. Together they formed a group that Calcipher mockingly called The Emperor’s Men. The Emperor’s Men traveled across Golarion, accumulating power, wealth, and prestige. Along the way, Calcipher met his lover Chakk who joined the Emperor’s Men as a noncombatant, and followed them throughout their adventures.

After many years on the road Bolder Blood, satisfied with his skills, returned to the Hold of Belkzen. He now has the rank of a commander, though he is rarely called into battle. He is known for leading groups of orcs into battles of contest against the Demons across the The Shudderwood deep within the Worldwound.

Bolder Blood

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