Selma's Silent Companion


Bernard stands somewhere between 5’8" and 6’10". He wears a Holocaust Cloak that he never removes, and does everything Selma asks of him without question. He never speaks, and if you look closely, you may notice his hands and feet where visible are made of various objects that sometimes fall away, with no body beneath them.

Silver blood drips from his hands, and he has been scared from his demonic capture by the Vorlesh Daughters.


In life, Bernard was Selma’s brother, and a not very smart but earnest framer. He had a real love of beets, and though 3 years younger than Selma, felt it was necessary to protect her, as she was so much smaller than him, and a girl. This usually ended up her easily darting around him and being long gone before he had the chance to do anything.

Bernard’s life ended shortly after he and Selma dug up their grandmother’s grave, following her wishes for them to inherit her Sarkotite artifacts “To Fight The Darkness”. They dug them up and put them on, each becoming more than they had been, as imbued magic flowed through them.

Then, the plauge cart came to take their sickly parents away.

Selma managed to steal the cart before her parents were put on it and give the evil monks chase, informing Bernard they were there. Bernard fought with one of them, but after a brief grapple had his insides spilled across the farm by the monk’s jagged knife. Selma was unable to stop them from taking their parents. and found Bernard in this state. Using their grandmother’s magics, she tried to heal him, but instead, ended up binding his soul to her, and Bernard became a summoned Spirit controlling a golem attached to Selma.


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