Beltran Ravenken

Popular socialite and unofficial spokesperson for the Riftwardens


Philanthropist and gentleman, Beltran Ravenken is a friendly, gregarious man who remembers names and faces after a single meeting and always knows the latest bit of gossip – although whether he shares it with others is another matter entirely. He is a fixture in the courts throughout the region, and he is guaranteed to always make an appearance at the parties that matter most.

Ravenken is of average height and build, with long dark hair and a rakish bit of facial hair. His outfits are always on-trend, and he will not spare any expense to ensure that he is at the forefront of fashion. He frequently carries a walking stick with him; he has many to choose from, each made from different types of wood and metal, and with different heads. His current favorite is one fashioned from ironwood with brass fittings and topped by a large sphere of topaz.

Very few people have ill things to say of Ravenken, who makes it his business to get on as many good sides as possible. Whether it’s Queen Galfrey or the local butcher, Ravenken will always be courteous and genial, expertly dancing the line between politeness and familiarity. His uncanny ability to recall names, faces, and the facts of people’s lives helps him quickly make lasting friends and allies. On the rare occasion that he does cross someone’s social boundary, he makes a light, self-deprecating joke to smooth any feathers he may have ruffled.

Ravenken’s many philanthropic endeavors have also garnered much goodwill for him. He uses his considerable wealth to maintain Truestone Park and is also involved with the production of new playwrights at Alodae Amphitheater. He is often seen shaking the hands of recently returned crusaders at the Wench’s and frequents temples to Torag, Shelyn, Sarenrae, and Iomedae throughout Kenabres. Many folks in Kenabres joke that if Mendev became a Andoran democracy, Ravenken would be almost immediately elected to rule.

It is an open secret that Ravenken is the unofficial mouthpiece for the the secretive organization known as the Riftwardens, although any direct line of questioning on the topic will be met with coy, oblique responses. Posing as merely a well-informed observer, Beltran answers questions about the Riftwardens’ activities without giving any useful information away; if it seems that someone is taking too keen an interest in the group, Beltran will misdirect the person from any sensitive information. He also uses his trustworthy reputation to assuage concerns about the Riftwardens.


Beltran Ravenken comes from a long line of Mendevian nobles. He is the youngest of five children, with two brothers and two sisters. As the youngest, he was not burdened with the responsibility of marrying well and bearing an heir to continue the family line – and, like so many other youngest-born noblemen, he used that freedom to indulge in all the vices that dandies enjoy: good food, good drink, socialization, and sensual escapades with all sorts of individuals.

However, Ravenken is unique because he spends an equal amount of time earning money as he does spending it. When he was still a teen, he loaned a portion of his monthly stipend to a struggling warehouse owner – with the understanding that, once the owner was back on his feet, he would repay Ravenken with a reasonable amount of interest. From there, Ravenken invested money in more and more trading companies in Warehouse Square – many becoming key suppliers throughout the gate District and the crusader camps.

Most recently, Ravenken purchased a significant number of shares in Truestone Quarry. Some have questioned the wisdom of the move, considering the quarry’s reduced output as of late. Ravenken, however, brushes off such concerns, and so far he has yet to be proven wrong about his business sense.

No one knows how he came to be so familiar with the Riftwardens, and he certainly isn’t telling.

Beltran Ravenken

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