Lord of the Minotaurs, Demon Lord of Beasts and Labyrinths


Baphomet, Demon Lord of the Minotaurs, rules over hos own realm of the Abyssal. He was created as the first minotaur to lead his fellows the mortal world. Baphomet appears as a demonic minotaur, massive in size, with unnaturally large horns, and viciously sharp teeth. In battle, he carries a magical glaive crafted from a peculiar red adamantine.

As Lord of the Labyrinth, Baphomet is often worshiped by traitors and any others who would wish to hide their ill intent behind a maze of lies. His cults are often held in deep secret and are far reaching in their reach, often hiding behind prestigious titles.


Baphomet was created from the tortured souls of the Abyss that formed from deceivers, murderers, and traitors. He is known to be aiding Deskari in his war against Mendev, his cultists have infiltrated the church of Iomedae and have converted some crusaders who have turned traitor to their cause.


Wrath of the Righteous Gopalkrishna