Ashus Striegher

Commander of the Order of Holy Sentinels in Kenabres


Commander Ashus Striegher is a somber and soft-spoken Taldan who oversees the Order of Holy Sentinels in Kenabres. This includes managing the safehouse maintained by the order within the Gate District and ensuring that a high ranking cleric and paladin of the order continually stand guard at The Kite, site of the Wardstone housed in Kenabres.

Striegher is a stout and stocky woman, with broad cheekbones that are dusted with freckles. She has frizzy brown hair that she keeps cut short in a utilitarian haircut. When she is with the paladins under her command, she is frequently the shortest person in the group – but when she speaks, everyone listens. She rarely smiles; some of the more rambunctious members of the Order have a running bet to find out what it takes to make Striegher laugh, but so far they’ve been unsuccessful.

She is well known as a specialist in detecting demonic possession, though she somewhat resents the demand this skill makes on her time. It is clear that she would rather be working within her order in Clydwell Keep than managing what she considers to be the unnecessary risk of maintaining a civilian population so close to the border of the Worldwound.


Commander Ashus Striegher arrived in Kenabres twenty years ago from her station in Clydwell Keep. She was commissioned to oversee the Order of Holy Sentinels within Kenabres by Lord Hulrun, who took a keen interest in Striegher’s specialization in recognizing and ending demonic possession.

Though Striegher resents her forced transfer away from what she considers her holy charge of protecting the Demonscope in Clydwell Keep, her skills and methodology for detecting demonic possession within the walls of Kenabres are in high demand by the leadership of the city – particularly Lord Hulrun, who frequently summons her to his war room to hash out his latest conspiracy theories.

Ever the professional, Striegher strictly obeys Hulrun‘s orders and doesn’t betray her distaste for his paranoia – not to him, nor to any of the knights under her command. Indeed, if any of her women are caught grumbling about Hulrun’s latest wild witch chase, she reprimands them severely.


Ashus Striegher

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