Anivia Tirablade

Retired thief, wife of the paladin Irabeth Tirablade


The wife of the paladin Irabeth Tirabade, Anivia is normally known for her friendliness, bluntness and quick wit. Normally a friendly soul, she tends to treat everyone she meets frankly, regardless of their occupation, race, or social standing—a habit that’s made her few allies among some of Kenabres’s less devout or honest citizens. Anivia is frightened to be trapped below Kenabres, though she does her best to stay levelheaded and calm. In truth she’s more worried about her wife and what’s happening on the surface than her own fate.


Growing up a thief in the River Kingdoms, Anivia was once hired by a scholar to retrieve several sacred objects from a forgotten shrine. Unknown to her, though, this “scholar” was in fact a tiefling cultist in service to Deskari and the “shrine” she’d been tasked with locating was merely a ruined tower where the cultist’s mercenaries were lying in ambush.

Anivia was captured, but as fortune would have it, the cultist was himself being tracked by a paladin named Irabeth. This half-orc paladin caught up with the mercenaries just as they were preparing to hobble the captured Anivia with a bone saw; she killed the mercenaries and their tiefling leader and rescued Anivia.

In thanks for her rescue, Anivia pledged her skills to Irabeth, but the paladin would have none of it, saying, “You’re welcome to travel with me, but you owe me nothing.” As it worked out, Irabeth was about to return to the city of Kenabres after several years away from home—and by the time the two reached their destination, they’d fallen in love. Anivia and Irabeth were wedded in the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell soon thereafter.

Anivia often marveled at the strange road that led her to this life. She enjoys the prestige she receives as the wife of a high-ranking member of the Order of Holy Sentinels, and assists Irabeth’s work by volunteering at the Temple of Iomedae. She reads to the sick and helps make bandages and prepare meals.

On occasion, the temple asks Anivia to undertake scouting missions along the river and report on activity in the Worldwound. Though Anivia knows her wife worries about her when she agrees to these missions, she loves the feeling of excitement and accomplishment they bring, as well as the fact that they allow her to scratch the itch of wanderlust that surges up within her occasionally.

Anivia Tirablade

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